Elements, Mixtures and Compounds

Index of Flash Animations:

Atomic Structure and Bonding:
Atomic Structure
Bonding in Ammonia
Bonding in Magnesium Chloride
Bonding in Methane
Bonding in Water
Electron Configurations
+ Elements Mixtures and Compounds +
First Ionization Energy Graph
Inter and Intramolecular Forces
Ionic Crystal Lattice
Particle Experiment

Industrial Chemistry:
Blast Furnace

Organic Chemistry:
Addition Reactions of Alkenes
Cracking Alkane
Ester Formation
Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil
Name Alkanes
Formation of Addition Polymers
Test for an Alkene
Self-test Quiz:
Alcohol Quiz
Aldehyde Quiz
Alkene Quiz
Benzene Quiz
Carboxylic Acid Quiz
Grignard Reagent Quiz
Halogenoalkane Quiz

Qualitative Analysis:
Test for Cations

Quantitative Analysis:
Acid Base Titration
Metal Carbonate Titration

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